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Having an Alcohol Free Party for an 18th Birthday

by Anne Burke

If you are looking to have an 18th birthday for a person in your life but want to keep the event alcohol free (for social or ethical reasons) you can find it tricky to find a venue that feels adult enough without alcohol. Here are some ideas.

'At home' party

One option is to have a party at home, especially if you have a suitable entertaining space. This can be a lot of work to organise as the parents often need to buy and serve food and drinks. It can also not feel like as much of a 'special' birthday event if it's held at home, especially if most of the childhood parties have also been held at home. If you do go down this path it can be a good idea to also organise security to make sure you don't get drunken gatecrashers trying to make your alcohol free into an alcohol heavy event. 

Function rooms

Many restaurants and function centres have rooms that can be rented out, with facilities for eating and dancing. You can easily control the drinks available by limiting what the staff will serve. It is a good idea to make it clear on the invites that the event is alcohol-free and that people will not be allowed to order or bring alcohol to the event. You often need to separately hire decorators and a DJ in order to create a fun mood in the room, so this can be a relatively expensive option for an 18th birthday. You may also need to organise some form or security so that only invited guests can enter the event. 

Party bus hire

If you are looking for a more self-contained option it can be a great idea to use a party bus. These are already set up for partying and have facilities to dance and play music on the bus. It is also very easy with these venues to control who enters the bus and make sure that no one brings alcohol into the bus. This can be a great option for people who have a limited budget and want to have an easy party with minimal organisation. They can even drop guests back at their homes or a designated drop off point which makes them very convenient. 

If you are organising an alcohol-free event it is a good idea to call a party bus so you know how much a party package will cost and can make a sensible decision that suits the kind of party you'd like to have.