Traveling for love

Enjoy the Ultimate Romantic Getaway with a Luxury Private Charter

by Anne Burke

Spending quality time with the one you love is a great way to reconnect, so why not enjoy the ultimate romantic experience with a luxury private charter? While many see renting a yacht as a group activity, there's no reason why you can't enjoy the seclusion of life on the open waters as a couple. From exploring Australia's hidden coves together to relaxing in opulence as the waves rock beneath you, there are many reasons to use a private yacht charter for your next break. 

Visit multiple world class resorts in one trip

Why restrict yourself to just one holiday destination when you can visit several? One day you can sip a cocktail at one of Whitsunday Islands' many secluded beaches, before moving onto stepping off your boat at Sydney Harbour to explore the city's finest restaurants. When renting a private yacht, you can create a varied itinerary that allows you to oscillate between seclusion and a thriving party scene, giving you the chance to create a varied romantic getaway you'll never forget.

Put your feet up and hire a crew

Why waste those precious moments mixing your own cocktails when a trained professional could do it for you? Private yacht charter crews take care of the smaller details so you can kick back and relax. Whether it's giving your suite a quick tidy so it's pristine when you step back onboard to arranging a barbecue on the deck as the sun sets, your crew will remove the logistical hassles from your holiday experience and deliver a seamlessly premium service.

Create romantic experiences you won't find elsewhere

Eating lunch as you watch turtles venture from the shore to the sea, observing sharks as you catch some rays and enjoying a glass of champagne as the reflection of the moon glistens on the sea waves. All of these experiences are accessible when you choose a luxury private charter, allowing you to forge memories that last forever. 

Enjoy luxury seclusion you won't get elsewhere

When you're enjoying your romantic getaway on the open seas, you don't have to worry about neighbours or noisy hotel guests. Unlike camping, you can shut out the rest of the world while still enjoying first class amenities. As soon as you feel tired of one destination, you can comfortably move onto the next.

Whether you're new to chartering private yachts or you're looking into your first experience, you won't find disappointment as you sail away. Instead, you can look forward to a romantic break that's easy to tailor to your own expectations.