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5 Reasons You Should Pick a Hostel When Travelling As a Family

by Anne Burke

Lots of people think that hostels are solely used by younger travellers, but there are plenty of hostels out there that are also more than happy to accommodate families. It might sound like an odd idea to stay at a hostel with your family instead of booking the traditional hotel, but there are actually plenty of great reasons why you should consider it when looking at various places for family accommodation.

Here are just five.

1. You'll Expose Your Child to More People

Firstly, hostels are far more social than hotels, with common rooms set up so everyone can mix together. The people staying at your hostel will be from all different cultures and walks of life, and the social environment means that they'll be perfectly accepting of your children. Exposing your kids to different cultures and different kinds of people is a fantastic opportunity. Additionally, most hostels that cater for all ages will have a TV and plenty of board games to keep everyone entertained in the evening.

2. You'll Save Money

Taking any kind of holiday can be expensive, but it can be far costlier if you're travelling with children. However, you can significantly cut down on those costs by opting for a hostel instead of a hotel. Hostels are set up for thrifty travellers, so you should be able to secure beds for you and your children at only a fraction of what you'd have paid at a hotel.  

3. You'll Have a Kitchen

From a family point of view, one of the worst things about travelling is not having a kitchen. This means you need to go out to eat for every meal. That's going to drive up your costs, and you may find it tough to feed a picky child. Hostels have their own kitchens, so you can save money while preparing food your children actually like.

4. You'll Have a Choice of Rooms

At a hostel, you generally book beds instead of rooms, and this is something that families can work to their advantage. If you have a family of four, simply look for a room with four beds and then book all of them. You'll have a room to yourself without paying the price expected at a hotel.

5. You'll Feel More Adventurous

Finally, hostelling just feeling more exciting. The environment is more social and the people are generally younger and friendlier. It's a far cry from the generic drabness of your typically chain hotel room. Being a parent doesn't afford you many opportunities to feel young, wild, and free, so you should grab them when they do come along. Of course, your kids will also enjoy feeling more adventurous!