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4 Security Tips for Hotels Relating to Firearms

by Anne Burke

Hotels receive many guests and some of these are licenced firearm holders. Such people will always have their firearms and ammunition with them when they check into the premises. Unless proper precautions are taken, they pose a danger to other people. Below are several security tips relating to firearms that can be adopted at your hotel:

All firearms should be deposited at the reception

It is necessary to place visible signs at the reception which requires that all firearms and ammunition should be left at the reception. The guest will be required to produce their firearms licence and then register it for safekeeping by the hotel management. However, as long as they have the proper documentation, the firearm and ammunition can be handed to them every time they are leaving the hotel. Any individual who contravenes this law and sneaks into their room with their firearms should be expelled from the hotel.

Always keep the guns unloaded

Loaded guns are a danger to both your staff and other guests at the hotel. Even though the safety catch might be on, you should not take any chances since they can be faulty. All the guns deposited at the reception should be unloaded. The gun will then be taken to a different safe and all the ammunition taken to another one. Separating these two components reduces the risks guests are exposed to when an unauthorized person gains access to one of these safes. However, the rooms where the firearms are kept should be very secure and with restricted access.

Make sure the firearm licence is valid

Before any firearm is taken for safekeeping, it is necessary for the guest to show their valid firearms licence. Once the gun and ammunitions are in the safe, you can call the police to assess the validity of the licence. If there is any problem, the firearm will be forwarded to the police for further investigations.

Install metal detectors

It is impossible for an individual to evade detection when there are multiple metal detectors within the hotel. These need to be strategically placed at the entry points in a manner that does not draw attention. Make sure you get detectors with silent alarms which do not draw any attention to the guest. Once a confirmation signal is detected, the hotel security will casually walk up to the individual and politely ask him to follow him. The guest will then be carefully inspected, and any firearms or ammunition that he has will be taken from him.